Blog Software Reviews

Blog Software Reviews

There are loads of blogging software available on the market today. You might get overwhelmed because of the number of blog writing software that you will find on the Internet once you start searching for the best blogging software that will suit your blogging needs. But if you want to find the blogging software that will fit your kind of blog, here are blog software reviews that will help you determine the best kind of blog software.

Blog Software Comparison

Listed below are blogging software reviews that present the features, advantages and specifications of various blog software that are available on the Market today.

  • WordPress – The Leading Blogging Software

WordPress is the most prominent and widely used blogging software today because of the innumerable features and plugins this blogging software offers. Beginners and professional bloggers are turning to WordPress whenever they need to create, edit and manage a blog site that is quite functional and professional-looking. WordPress is also easy to install, edit and     manage – making it one of the most user-friendly blog writing software.

Here are some of the main features presented by WordPress:

  • Open Source Templates

WordPress offers open source templates that anyone can download and use.

  • Pre-Made Templates

Aside from the open source templates, bloggers can also use pre-made templates that WordPress has initially installed on every CMS package that blog owners download from WordPress’ site.

  • HTML Code

Another great feature of WordPress, which makes them the best blogging software, is its HTML code feature. Blog owners can edit and tailor their blog sites, add plugins and extensions with the help of HTML code.

  • Plugins

One of the best features of WordPress is its numerous plugins. Website owners can download and install various plugins from hundreds and thousands of open source plugins available in WordPress.

Programmer bloggers can also create, upload and share plugins that anyone can use.

  • Widgets

Aside from plugins, there are also thousands of widgets that blog owners can use to improve the functionality of their blog site.

By using HostGator, blog owners can easily set up a WordPress blog using their own chosen domain name without too much hassle and setback. Because HostGator is quite compatible with WordPress – and other blogging software – it is quite recommended by many bloggers. The web hosting service provider was even selected as the best web hosting company by because of its easy to use interface, its fast and efficient support staff and its compatibility with various blog writing software.

  • Movable Type

Movable Type is another open source blog writing software that is commendable for its features and easy installation. The features that Movable Type offers bloggers make it easy to use and      manage. One of the favorable traits of this blog writing software is its useful error messages whenever something went wrong with the installation or upgrade of any of the components and posts on the blog site. Instead of just stating errors, Movable Type displays why the errors occurred while suggesting ways on how to solve the problems.

There are also setbacks on Movable Type like the settings for the comment section but that is   just a little disadvantage compared to the various beneficial features that this blog software offers. The blog software also offers a number of themes but the themes kind of look like the same, as stated by some bloggers who have tested out the software. Nonetheless, it is still quite     a nifty blog software and really worth a shot.

  • Drupal

Drupal is another popular blogging software on our list of blog software comparison and reviews. This blog writing software offers several features that are quite useful and            advantageous. Just like in WordPress, Drupal also offers open source templates, uploading of videos and audio files, editing through HTML code and conducting of polls inside the blog site.

But Drupal doesn’t have plugins and widgets that are quite valuable in making a functional website. Also, it doesn’t support multiple authors or users on a single account, making it hard     for a group of writers to create a blog that can be managed by multiple writers. This can be quite a hassle for group of bloggers who want to manage a single blog at the same time.

  • Nucleus CMS

Another blogging software on our list is Nucleus CMS, an open source blogging software that offers lots of features. Some of the main features offered by Nucleus CMS are listed below:

  1. Open Source Templates
  2. Pre-Made Templates
  3. Plugins
  4. Video


Aside from the main features listed above, Nucleus CMS also offers social media and SEO features namely:

  1. Auto-link to Facebook
  2. Auto-link to Twitter
  3. Link to Other Blogs
  4. RSS Feeds

But Nucleus doesn’t support multiple users on a single account, which is a bit of a hassle for group of writers who want to create a large blog that can be managed by multiple authors.

  • ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is also one of the best blogging software today because of the various features that it offers. Aside from being totally free, it also provides various elements that bloggers will find useful. Its open source templates and pre-made templates are numerous and can be used quite easily. ExpressionEngine also allows HTML code that enables blog owners to tailor their blog sites according to their preference. It also offers plugins, just like WordPress, which make blog sites more functional and more professional-looking.

There are a lot more blog writing software around the Internet. Some of the blogging software that you may find useful may not be that popular. But if you are looking for the best blogging software that outshines other blogging software on various blog software comparison and blog software reviews, choose WordPress. It offers that most features and is one of the easiest blogging software available today.

And if you are looking for the most compatible and easy to use web hosting service provider, you might want to check out HostGator. They offer round the clock support and easy setup for tech savvy and newbie bloggers around the Internet who want to host their own WordPress blog under their chosen domain name.


Best Blog Software Reviews for Your Own Blog

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