Is Drupal CMS Good for Blogging and a Blog Site?

Is Drupal CMS Good for Blogging and a Blog Site?

When it comes to blogging, one of the blogging platforms that will most likely come to your mind is WordPress. Indeed, WordPress is a popular blogging system which a lot of bloggers would make use of nowadays. But then, a lot of people would begin to wonder whether Drupal can also be used for a blogging. As you know, Drupal is a powerful open source CMS that is being used by about two percent of all websites all over the world. But is Drupal applicable for blogging or is WordPress and other blogging sites are better? Is Drupal CMS good for blogging and a blog site? To answer your question, read this article now and you will also find out if Drupal CMS can be used for blogging and if it is recommended for a blog site.

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What You Need to Know About Drupal

As stated, Drupal is a powerful open source CMS that is being used by a lot of websites around the world. In order for you to know if Drupal is ideal for blogging or if you can use it for your blogging site, you need to know and understand its features. Knowing its features can also help you to distinguish it from WordPress.

Even though WordPress is being classified as a CMS, it is still considered a kind of blogging software. In comparison, Drupal will not only work for blogging sites. It is even more powerful and comes with several other key functions and these are the reasons why Drupal definitely works better than WordPress.

Publishing Content

In general, even if WordPress allows you to add various users or perhaps, modify the authority level of the editors of your sites, including the contributors, the main essence of WordPress is about publishing content.

As for Drupal, this CMS has the ability to perform pretty much everything for a website. From e-commerce sites, corporate sites, including government sites, Drupal will certainly be able to function well. This is the reason why Drupal is also known for its flexibility. Moreover, the people behind Drupal continue to work on open source developments to create add-ons that could help to make Drupal to become even stronger.

In addition, Drupal also allows you to perform full text research and advanced research and it also provides easy to use site statistics view without having to use any plugins. It is also cached enabled which helps to achieve a surprisingly faster loading speed, and more.

Is Drupal Recommended for Hosting Your Blog?

Now the question is – will Drupal be a good choice in hosting your blog? The answer will actually depend on the type of blog that you have. If you just want to create a personal blog without any certain requirements, then WordPress along with some good plugins will work for you. But if you will need various authorities or if you need to come up with a blog that comes with so many complex contents, then Drupal is certainly a great choice. But regardless of the tool that you choose to use for your blog, make sure that you choose the right hosting solution to save you both time and money.

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