Best Open Source Blogging Software

Best Open Source Blogging Software

There are a lot of open source blogging software nowadays. Because of the growing need for blog sites, many open source blog software are being developed and introduced to the masses. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with various blogging software – you have to know which one is the best and which one best fits your needs and preferences.

Here is a list of open source blogging software that you can easily download and use to create, edit and manage your very own blog site.


WordPress is the most popular open source blog software, and it is so for a reason. Because of the many features that WordPress offers, many bloggers opt to use this prominent blogging software to create and manage their blog sites.

WordPress is also quite easy to use. With numerous instructions and assistance provided by the WordPress developers and other bloggers, WordPress has become the easiest blog software that anyone can freely use. And with Internet savvy blog owners,’s CMS package is one of the most advantageous blogging software there is.

Using HostGator, an outstanding web hosting service provider that is quite compatible with WordPress, blog owners can easily manage their blogs without any delays or problems. Its easy install and compatibility features make it the best web server hosting service to get for WordPress blogs.


Blogger is another open source blogging software that blog owners can use as an alternative to the much popular WordPress. This open source blog software features easy setup and various plugins that blog owners can use to make their blog site much more functional – though WordPress offers more plugins and extensions.


Tumblr is a micro-blogging software that is easy to use and offers lots of features. This blog software is mostly used to post video blogs and images to express thoughts and ideas. Though very simple to use, it is not the best blogging software for those who want to share long posts and instructional articles. But if offers a lot of features like Twitter integration and detailed statistics.


LiveJournal is another open source blogging software that lets blog owners create and manage blogs for free. It offers lots of publishing options like publishing from email enabled mobile phones and instant message services. It also features various templates and allows bloggers to upload CSS files to customize the look and feel of the blog site. But some of its features can only be accessed by paid members like uploading images or videos.

Movable Type

Movable Type is another open source blog software that can be downloaded by anyone. The free version of this blogging software offers various features and plugins but not as many as WordPress does.  Bloggers who want to use Movable Type for personal use can freely download the Pro version but organizations and companies have to pay for the service.

When looking for the best open source blog software, be sure to do your homework first find out everything you can about your preferred blogging software. Use the one that best suits your needs and preference.


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